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Opportunities towards a productive South African population!

The opportunity

The foundation of the Socio-economic development challenges in South-Africa, resides in a lack of competencies driving unemployment and poverty. Poverty leads to hopelessness, crime, disease and an overall degradation of society. This challenge is known and the opportunity lies in the solution that Ebio is implementing in line with existing initiatives and the needs of:

  • Government bodies are driving to generate HIGH PERFORMANCE CITIZENS. Programs are running and tax money is flowing but the effect thereof is not felt by the people on the ground.
  • Education institutions are doing everything possible to produce HIGH PERFORMANCE STUDENTS. It has however been proven that some learners are not at a level where they can fully take advantage of the education opportunities available to them.
  • Civil organizations need HIGH PERFORMANCE action takers to grow and be further equipped to maximise the impact they can have in their constituency.
  • Businesses are in need of HIGH PERFORMANCE EMPLOYEES and access to clients/consumers who are better equipped to earn more, spend wiser and save smarter.
  • Individuals strive to become HIGH PERFORMANCE PEOPLE through turning their natural talents and passions into careers and business and thus satisfying the above needs.


Ebio is a solution that has been developed in pilot project over the last 8 years to meet the above challenges. Ebio, with various alliances, came to the conclusion that the challenge must be met on 4 fronts to effectively tackle the problem of poverty and unmet potential.


  • School level:
    Students are guided to identify opportunities, gain exposure and explore their fields of interests in line with future career opportunities and existing business. This process produces high performance students driven by clear goals and internal motivation.
  • University level:
    Students are introduced to the modern way of studying and learning which enable them to take advantage of on-line resources, practical learning opportunities and prepares them for work through practical means.
  • Currently unemployable/unemployed:
    The currently unemployable/unemployed are guided through the Ebio program that have outcomes which enable them to be computer users, motivated knowledge acquirers and proactive problem solvers. They are connected to the world and gain exposure to opportunities largely unknown to them.
  • In-service training (In job improvement):
    Ebio lets the individual explore business principles and allows the worker to open up opportunities for advancement for him/her-selfthrough becoming better informed and more productive.
  • Sustainable revenues are generated as an integral component.


Ebio engages with individuals within the context of their family and community and with the blessings and support of local leaders. Ebio also collaborates with any existing initiatives to assist in meeting mutual goals and facilitate general upliftment. Various products and services have been developed to permit local, trained individuals to deliver services in line with the above needs while earning revenue which in large stays in the community. This not only increasing contributes to each audience but it also pumps money back into the community. All transactions and revenue stream are therefore fully transparent to all. Ebio also relies on internet services in the delivery of its products and services.


People from all generations are given the ability to sculpt a future for themselves with clear goals and outcomes. Revenue is created and reinvested locally into locally identified initiatives. The community as whole gets connected and no one is left behind, this is a result of the family growing together as a unit, preventing the severance of family ties due to a uneven knowledge distribution.

Who are we?

The team consists of business people, educators at school and tertiary institutions, people in organizations and local leaders. Governance and project management professionals are engaged. The diversity of the team is key to address the challenge on all 4 fronts.

Revenues and investors

Sustainable revenues drive the implementation of the program and are made possible by locally owned businesses which produce a turnover from day one through product sales. The Ebio service providers are empowered to increase their income by delivering an increasingly wide range of products with support from Ebio services. Investors accelerate the implementation with clear return on their investment, which include BEE score card points, advertising opportunities or simply a clear cash back ROI.

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