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Guide Access to Business for the Entrepreneur

LEARN LIKE AN APPRENTICE FROM THE OLD DAYS Many opportunities exist for an own business in South Africa This guide is aimed at creating awareness and the development of competencies that are required to utilise the many opportunities and access the resources to start an own business.
Guide Access to Business for the Entrepreneur (English version) -160KB

Handleiding BesigheidsToegang vir die Entrepreneur (Afrikaanse weergawe) -164KB

Posted on: 2010-01-10


Raak vaardig en gryp die geleenthede

Suid-Afrika loop oor van die geleenthede om werk te skep deur kleinsakeondernemings op die been te bring. Kliek hier om meer oor die berig te lees in PDF formaat
Posted on: 2009-12-08


Recession Proof Graduate

Charlie Hoehn's guide to getting any job within a year of finishing college. A very motivational article for finding that dream job.
If you liked his article, also have a look at the website
Click here to view the PDF on Charlie Hoehn's ebook

Posted on: 2009-11-18


Valuable Doctorate

The Doctorate investigates the process of self-learning with intrinsically driven motivation in education. Click here to read more
Posted on: 2009-11-24


Opportunities Abound

We live in a time of constant change and limitless opportunities. These changes lead to the creation of new work opportunities. Those that continuously align themselves with these exciting times will always be able to choose from many different career and business building opportunities! Click here to read more
Posted on: 2009-11-10


Gesprek saam met Freek Robinson op RSG

Praat Saam - Freek Robinson op RSG het saam met Unre Visagie ‘n serial entrepreneur en Prof. Japie Kroon: Program leier in Entrepreneurskap gesels oor die bekwaamhede in Soud Afrika. Click here to read more
Posted on: 2009-11-09


Sife unite students of the NWU

SIFE NWU recently celebrated the fact that they are currently the only student driven organisation that exists on all three campuses of the North-West University (NWU).
Click here to read more
Posted on: 2009-12-08

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