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How does the service delivery platform works!
The platform exists so that we can produce more. There are jobs for all competent people to grow their careers and produce more with less effort.

The structure:


The service delivery is always in two value chains as shown in the vertical and horizontal axis above.

  • Delivery chain for resources
    • Resources / Owners-who are they?
    • Governance or Board and advisors
    • Manage the service delivery Platform or organization
  • Delivery chain for value
    • Money flows: Understand the Clients' client requirements
      Understand the Clients
    • Management functions
    • Team delivery functions
    • Support at home and community


Gain the insights of the flow of value that create the flow of money.

  • More value to the clients' client and the client increase the value the platform earns. (Only the clients pay! Understand the flow of the money from the clients.)
  • The returns on resources attract more resources for the collective platform.
  • The more you contribute to the value chain the more you earn.
  • The more information goes home the more support you get.


The natural functions of any platform or organization must be executed.
Any service delivery platform or organization must align their delivery following the natural functions of efficient and aligned delivery processes and functions. A diagram of natural functions are on

Be aware of all the functions to fully participate in your delivery.
We focus on the recipe to find what you enjoy doing, in the industry you are attracted to, doing the work you enjoy doing, gain competencies to implement the value delivery.

The ebio recipe let you identify requirements at each phase of life.
We identified 8 phases from pre-school to legacy.
We focus on students entering the work place in the platforms of work in service delivery platforms of organizations.


The function diagram
Every service delivery platform or organization has a clear list of functions and projects to deliver the value and communicate the value of the service delivered. The processes let you collect from the sources of money and close the loop on service delivery. Your career and platforms grows.


Typical platforms or organizations:
Business platform as an example-repeat the business function diagram
Discuss with us your platform or organization.

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