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Welcome to the ebio career choice recipes. With these recipes, you will improve or gain the competencies required to identify, access, and make use of the existing opportunities, resources and infrastructures around you. You will also be able to join or form common interest groups, and link with and learn from working people. The same recipes will assist you to keep growing your career throughout your working life.


1. Discover (Gather Infromation)

  • Define your industry and career interests
  • Explore your Industry, your career and related careers.
  • Become aware of the information available on the web sites and uses thereof
  • Participate online
  • Participate in groups, forums and committees

2. Choose (Organise and formulate information)

  • You can find the ideal job that attracts you in the location you choose.
  • Choose local companies you would like to learn with or even work for.
    • You must now prepare to approach the selected companies.

    3. Act (Connect)

    • Make appointment and visit chosen business
    • Share a clear statement of purpose to get work experience.
    • A desired worker: 
      • Someone who fits into the work place and the team they work with. Employers recruit people who fit in and are easy to manage, reliable, open and consistent.
      • Observe and be useful and willing while you ask and listen.
    • Take some initiative and always verify if your actions are okay before you act.

    4. Step 4: Grow

    • Actively grow skills and knowledge.
    • Grow your network.
    • Thank everyone who helped you.


Education Institution
Step 1: Gather information
Step 2: Choose
Step 3: Act
Step 4: Grow


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