2: Capture, Formulate and Organize Information

Decide on an approach to get where you want to go!

From all the information on industry and career that you found with your Google search, can you answer the following?

  1. What are your career need / requirement / goal?
  2. Which additional competencies, skills and resources do you require to reach this goal?
  3. Which structures do you require and need to access to reach the market?
  4. What is your plan / objectives and next actions?

You should understand that it all starts with your clear requirements expressed publicly.

Have a plan!

Where do I start?  To reach any goal you will need to work according to a plan! And it is never too early or too late to start planning your career and life!


Goals and Objectives


What are your goals and objectives?

Use the Internet tools and explore the meanings of the terms:

  • Goal
  • Objective


Tip: use dictionary.com, Wikipedia.org or google.com to explore the meanings of any words that are unfamiliar to you!  A goal is an observable and measurable result that you plan to reach in more than a year.  Your objectives, which are more short term, usually under a year, work towards a goal. The question, "Has the goal been achieved?” can always be answered with either a "Yes” or "No” when linked to a set of objectives.




Action steps

Diary dates















Remember that your objectives may or may not change for you over time. Take note of the fact that if you don’t plan in alignment with your interests you might end up in a career that is not suited to your talents and personality!


Organize information on your Stellenbosch Ebio Ning Network


Sign up for Ning


  • What is Ning?  http://www.ning.com/
  • Why use Ning?  Ning is a great social networking site enabling communities, whether based on interests or demographics, to communicate with members and to organize knowledge and information.  Ning is our preferred social network. Your local Ebio Ning is an excellent way of displaying your profile to your community!  Various career, business and CV experts can have a look at your profile as well and possibly provide you with advice. And, you can follow the career footsteps of other students by viewing their profiles and communicating with them.
    View our Ning community http://stellenboschebio.ning.com/ you will receive an invite via email.  Please sign up for the next workshop!
  • How to?  If you are unsure or have any questions about ning please refer to http://help.ning.com/ first.  
  • Where do I start?
    • Get familiarized with the Internet tools you will use for this exercise namely Groups on the NING webpage. 
    • First, search for an already existing group in your career and/or industry interest.  If there is one, join it, if not, create one!
    • Add any interesting websites and information on this group.
    • Congratulations on the beginning of your own Electronic Portfolio of Evidence!

Continue and start connecting.



Education Institution
Step 1: Gather information
Step 2: Choose
Step 3: Act
Step 4: Grow


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