4: Grow

Take responsibility

There are certain things that you can start doing now that will ensure you a successful future.
Are you actively and constantly growing your skills, and knowledge?  Keep searching for new information and Internet resources concerning your line of interest.


Continuously grow your knowledge and skills

Post the names and contact details of these companies on your Ning Network (Under the group in your career and or industry interest.).


The power of "saying thank you":

Saying “thank you” involves thanking all the people that assisted you in any way in what you have discovered, enjoyed, and who have contributed to what you now plan to do. You add value to others by affirming, acknowledging and understanding them! By saying “thank you,” you give meaning, belonging, acceptance, and significance. So why else say, “thank you"?
Saying “thank you" not only gives recognition, but you gain acceptance, visibility and it create access. You can start by thanking those closest to you including those you learn from. How to say thank you:

  • You need to be specific in saying thank you
  • Say what you appreciate and admire.
  • Be sincere and real. 
  • What can you do for them?


Share and discuss your findings with people close to you, such as your family, friends and/or teachers.  These people form part of your infrastructure.  They probably know people who can assist you in making choices regarding your future career, which might make it easier to make choices concerning your career direction.  Tell them what you have learned, and seek input.
Take charge of your future by directing your thoughts and actions with a clear goal in mind.  Equip yourself with the necessary tools while gaining work experience and you almost guaranteed to get the job, career and/or business that you desire.  Being helpful, eager to learn and open to suggestions and feedback will give an advantage and a means to excel in any work context.  Plan your map, collect your tools and embark on your path to success with ebio!



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Step 4: Grow


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